A service of communication solutions for updating events, news and sports from all around the world effortlessly and keep them up-to-date via our satellite land earth stations.

  • CAT satcom Services
CAT TV Platform

CAT Satellite TV Platform is the video or audio compression and uplink service for satellite television program or DTH platform.

CAT Channel HD

Cat Channel is satellite television program on C-band DTH platform in Thailand such as PSI brand,Big4 brand IPM brand, GMMz brand and OTT System.


High - speed internet service over iPSTAR (THAICOM 4) satellite for governmental firms and corporate customer that have requirement to access high - speed internet for communication between offices in various areas.CAT iPSTAR effectively eliminates ...

CAT Inmarsat Fleet One

Inmarsat service is the data และ voice communication service connecting mobile station and fixed station to land earth station(LES) VIA Inmarsat network over the world, such as Inmarsat Aero, Inmarsat B, Inmarsat C, Inmarsat G, Inmarsat mini, Inmarsa...

CAT Globesat

CAT Globesat is a domestic and international data communications via satellite service, which enables users to transmit data, video and voice by at the speed of 64 Kbps to 45 Mbps.

CAT Studio

CAT Studio is video and audio production service, studio equipment rental and visual studio.